Voices of Palestine

Voices of Palestine

Many courageous journalists are risking their lives to report from Gaza amid the current conflict. Despite constant threats from the Israeli Occupation Forces, they are aiming to raise awareness about the genocide and debunk the narratives presented by Western mainstream media.

Along with these journalists, several social media accounts dedicated to the Palestinian cause are also posting non-stop about the atrocities happening in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

These accounts have quickly gained traction despite facing shadow bans and occasional removals by Meta. We have listed some of them below.


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Art by Peonica Fernando
Palestine Solidarity Campaign is the biggest organization in the UK working towards securing Palestinian human rights. It has multiple branches around the country, including our branch, East Berkshire PSC.
Motaz, resident of Gaza, became a world-renowned photojournalist at only 24 years old following the Israeli attacks on Gaza. He was named GQ Magazine, Middle East's 2023 Man of the Year for his efforts in photographing the horrific conditions in Gaza. He also started the #CeasefireNow movement. As of January, 2024, Motaz has amassed 18 million followers on Instagram, surpassing US ex-president Barack Obama.
Wael El Dahdouh is the bureau chief of Al Jazeera in Gaza City. During the current conflict, his family has been targeted in several Israeli attacks, leading to the death of most of his family members. However, Wael remains steadfast in his mission to spread the word regarding Gaza. He has 3.8 million followers on Instagram, and has become a symbol of the resilience of Palestinians.
Plestia Alaqad gained global attention after October 7 for her unfiltered reports of Gaza. She is a Palestinian citizen journalist who posted video diaries of the events in Gaza. Due to Israel's increased targeting of journalists, Plestia was forced to flee Gaza in late November, along with her family via the Rafah crossing. She is one of the most influential Palestinian journalists, having over 5 million followers on Instagram.
Bisan Ouda is a Palestinian filmmaker who has gained fame on social media through her live reporting of the war in Gaza. Prior to the war, she worked with the UN on several forums, and is also an EU Goodwill Ambassador. Bisan has become well known with her 3.8 million audience for starting her videos with, "Hi guys. I'm BIsan. I'm still alive."
Saleh Al Jafarawi is another well-known Palestinian citizen journalist, who rose to fame for his reporting on Israel's invasion of Gaza. He's well known for his videos showing the horrific aftermaths of airstrikes, and the traumatic impact on young children. Saleh was falsely accused of fabricating his videos to manipulate public opinion, which resulted in his Instagram account being taken down. However, those accusations were proven wrong. He has acquired over 4.3 million followers in the past few months, a feat which gave him one of the top positions in an Israeli red list of Hamas-friendly journalists.
Hind Khoudary is a TV reporter based in Gaza, who writes articles for Middle East Eye and The Intercept. She has also been doing on-the-ground reporting of the situation in Gaza. Hind's husband, along with most of her family, left Gaza when the war started, although she chose to remain and keep spreading the news. Her efforts are not being lost on her 1 million following on Instagram.
Lara Elborno, known as 'gazangirl' on Instagram, is a Palestinian-American international lawyer and activist based in Paris though her family originally hails from Gaza and Yaffa. She dedicates a large part of her legal practice to human rights work including asylum proceedings. She is also co-host to a weekly English-language podcast called the Palestine Pod which aims to support the Palestinian struggle for liberation against Israeli settler-colonialism and apartheid.
Yousef Alhelou is a Palestinian-British freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Gaza. He has been working as a broadcast news correspondent and reporter for various international media outlets since 2007. Yousef has been reporting on Israel's invasion of Gaza on his Instagram account by providing live video footage.
Ali Jadallah is a photojournalist, living in Gaza with his wife and two children. He has spent his professional life using his camera to chronicle Gaza for a number of news organizations. His stunning photography of the current war captures the horror of the situation, in which he himself lost two houses, five family members and countless friends and colleagues. Despite these losses, Ali continues to show the grim reality of the war to his 1.6 million Instagram following.
Mansour Shouman is a Palestinian-Canadian in Gaza trying to get the truth out to the world about the ongoing humanitarian crisis affecting 2.3 million innocent, civilian lives in Gaza. After helping his wife and five children escape Gaza, he chose to stay behind and document the events happening around him.
Yara Eid, a Palestinian journalist and human rights activist based in the UK, is known for her impactful advocacy and media work. This young Gaza native boldly challenged what she described as the Western media’s misleading framing, double standards, and absence of critical context in coverage of Israel’s actions in Gaza.
Eye on Palestine is a non-profit organization creating freelance journalism and activism, which has been creating Palestinian content since 2016. They have been sharing videos of the recent airstrikes on Gaza and the terrible living conditions. They have amassed an Instagram following of more than 10 million. Due to some technical issues, their main account was temporarily taken down by Meta, during which they used their backup @eye.on.palestine2.
Middle East Eye is a UK-based news website founded in 2014 that covers the Middle East and North Africa. They have been live reporting the situation in Gaza, along with interviews of Palestinian journalists.
AJ+ is a social media publisher owned by Al Jazeera Media Network which focuses on news and current affairs. AJ+ content exists in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. It is available on its website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and X, with written content on Medium.
This account depicts the everyday life of Palestinians in Palestine and the diaspora. It has gained more than 1 million followers in the past few months.