London to Palestine (Episode 1)
8 December 2019

London to Palestine (Episode 1)

‘Red Card Israeli Racism’

Excited, finally, to present the podcast that we at our local branch have produced in collaboration with other PSC members across the region.

For now, this is the only webpage where one can access a free version of this audio from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Greater London and youth branches. A week ago we uploaded the London to Palestine inaugural episode to Spotify (which you’ll require a premium subscription to access).

Geoff Lee from the Red Card Israeli Racism (RCIR) campaign met me in a bustling West London cafe to record this, and we discuss every aspect of his vital work to hold the Israel Football Association (IFA) to account… as such bodies form a fig leaf for the occupation and settlements or their sports teams on the world stage. We must resist this normalisation of hafrada (or “separation”/apartheid).

At our last meet n’ greet we were celebrating this and how determined we were to take it forward, so if you would like to get involved with producing the next episodes then please come to our social in January (again, at on the last Wednesday of every month) or reach out to us via the contact form. A simple donation can also help give us the resources to bring in speakers from further afield, or improve the equipment we’re using.


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