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MOATS With George Galloway

With 30 years worth of experience and now returned to British Parliament, George Galloway uses his unique perspective to debate and discuss politics, geo-politics, war, society and culture with the most interesting guests and callers from around the world on MOATS, a no-holds barred review of news around the world.

This Is Palestine

Highlights people, issues, and events around Palestine. We speak with experts and activists to bring you unique perspectives and analysis about Palestine from across the world. This podcast is a project of the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU).

Top Speakers
Omar Baddar • Diana Buttu •  George Zeidan

Combatting lack of freedom of movement • Sheikh Jarrah • Amnesty International and Israel •  Ethnic cleansing

The Palestine Podcast

Showcases a selection of lectures, talks and interviews featuring leading experts and social justice activists active on the Palestine-Israel issue. Brought to you by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Top Speakers
Nur Arafeh  •  Faisal Saleh  • Salim Abuthaher  •  Hatem Bazian  • Nadia Hijab

Palestinian Museums  • Future of US policy  • Britain’s colonial legacy • Arab normalization with Israel

The Miko Peled Podcast

Author, speaker, and human rights activist, Miko Peled, aims to shine a light on under-reported Palestinian experiences through conversations with the brave human rights defenders living in Palestine, Israel, and the diaspora.

Top Speakers
Miko Peled  •  Maisam Jaljuli • Hind Hajar Salman •  Roger Waters • John Pilger •  Ray McGovern

Palestinian Museums • Future of US policy • Britain’s colonial legacy • Arab normalization with Israel

Makdisi Street

Makdisi Street is an excellent podcast hosted by three Palestinians, that explores different elements of Palestinian experience, culture and the Palestinian struggle for freedom both in occupied Palestine and in the diaspora with expert guests. We particularly recommend their episode with Dr Ghassan Abu-Sittah to discuss Israel’s recent assault on Gaza in relation to previous attacks.

Top Speakers
Saree Makdisi • Ussama Makdisi • Karim Makdisi

Palestinian experience • Palestinian struggle for freedom • Diaspora


Keep up with what’s happening in Israeli politics, the Middle East and the Jewish World with our weekly roundups.

Top Speakers
Amir Tibon •  Yarden Michaeli • Judy Maltz •  Udi Evental • Alon Pinkas •  Allison Kaplan Sommer

Israel and Ukraine • Israeli politics • Relations with other countries

The Palestine Pod

A weekly podcast where we break down the latest news providing historical context, light hearted commentary and interviews with the aim of supporting Palestinian liberation, justice, and equality on the ground and in exile.

Top Speakers
Lara E. •  Mikey B.

Civilized armed resistance • Erasure • Double Apartheid • Art and activism

Electronic Intifada​

A weekly summary of the top stories featured on The Electronic Intifada, plus exclusive interviews with newsmakers, analysts and activists.

Top Speakers
Tamara Nassar •  Ali Abunimah • Maureen Clare Murphy •  David Cronin • Adri Nieuwhof •  Michael F. Brown • Nora Barrows-Friedman •  Omar Karmi • Asa Winstanley •  Josh Ruebner

The crimes of Israel • Human rights activism • Anti-Semitism vs Anti-Zionism

Policy of Deceit

Author: Peter Shambrook

“The sun never sets on the British empire” it was once claimed – to which an Indian nationalist leader replied, “That’s because God doesn’t trust them in the dark”.  Peter Shambrook’s ground-breaking book, The Policy of Deceit: Britain and Palestine 1914-1939 spells out why the Palestinian people are justified in thinking the same. (Bernard Regan)

Buy it here:


Watermelon is a brand new free app that helps you shop safer, support Palestine, and know which companies to avoid.

What can you do with Watermelon?

  1. Search a company before you buy their product
  2. Find the evidence behind the boycott 
  3. Browse companies if you’re in the mood for shopping!
  4. Educate yourself with the parent brands that dictate Israeli support.

Action Network

Pal Action

Many activists who take direct action against Israeli weapons manufacturers and companies who support them face arrest and trial through the judicial system. Find out how you can support these defendants, either in person or remotely, and sign up to receive regular mailouts about defendant support workshops, upcoming trials and other support you can give.

Jonathan Cook

Cook is a British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel, for 20 years before returning to the UK in 2021. He is known for his commentary and analysis on the Israel-Palestine conflict, media criticism, and global politics.


Mondoweiss is an independent website that informs readers about developments in Israel/Palestine and related U.S. foreign policy. We provide news and analysis that is unavailable through mainstream media regarding the struggle for Palestinian human rights.

Jewish Voice For Peace

Jewish voice for peace is a national, grassroots organization dedicated to promoting Palestinian freedom and advocating for a Judaism beyond Zionism. It is the largest progressive Jewish anti-Zionist organization in the world, organizing a diverse, intergenerational movement of U.S. Jews in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for justice, equality, and dignity.​