The East Berkshire branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was
originally founded in Slough in the wake of Operation Protective Edge in 2014. Since 2022, we have expanded to Reading and would like to promote activity in Windsor, Maidenhead and other localities.

Our committee and core members have shown their commitment to tackling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by attending protests and rallies, sponsoring talks, putting pressure on parliamentarians or local government, spreading awareness through multi-media, networking with other pro-Palestinian activists, branches, and organisations while aiding Palestinians in their pursuit of a fair platform, and our key activists’ work on the issue of Palestine has taken place over a sufficient time frame for them to have some of that crucial long-term perspective.

If you live in east Berkshire we are expanding, with the national PSC’s support, to cover this whole area; so if this critical aspect of foreign policy is something you’ve always been passionate about, then this is the outlet! Or, if you’re only just discovering the politics of Western Asia, please join us and see our events where we address all levels of knowledge on this pivotal struggle for equality in the Holy Land.

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